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"Stephen Johnson knows the law. He is very understanding and takes time to get to know his clients. He was able to see through my case and realized that the state didn’t have much of a case. I’m glad he was my lawyer because he was able to debunk the case with simple questions. If you’re an innocent citizen, take your chances and fight your case. Simple questions and answers will win your case. Please believe in yourself, and please believe there are people willing to fight for the people’s continuing rights under the constitution.

God Bless Our Freedom,
Reginald E. "



5-star review 5-star review 5-star review 5-star review 5-star review

"I am going to start with Stephen Johnson is the most honest person I know. He never sugarcoats or beats around the bush. He will tell you exactly how it is which makes him an extremely respectable person. Stephen never will tell you a "false truth" as in if you're only gonna win which will make your expectations open to all possibilities.

The case Stephen and I went through I honestly did not feel I was going to win with any lawyer. I felt like I was stuck in a very serious situation with my life in jeopardy and nothing short of a miracle would help me get through this tough predicament. I felt like in my situation prison was inevitable, and I was gonna stay stuck in an abyss of sorrow and struggle all my life.

Stephen is a really good lawyer, and I recommend you choose him and reach out if searching for a lawyer in any case. He pays attention and listens to every detail you provide to him about your case, and he is good with memory. Also, He pays attention to all provided police reports and investigations within your case, and he applies them to where they're needed and gains a better understanding of your situation. He NEVER tells his clients what to do. He will recommend an option that he feels is best and let you know it is whatever you want to—as in take a deal or go to trial.

He has learned a lot of things throughout his lifetime, and he is very intelligent. When he is in trial, he focuses like no other; he remembers and provides very detailed and valid points. His cross-examination skills make you feel like he definitely knows what he's doing and you're getting justice on your end as he speaks out for you. The most important and biggest impact on me from Stephen being my attorney is: he REALLY cares about all of his clients. He will be happy with you, and emotional with you, and stick it out with you all the way through and make you feel like you are not going through the toughest time of your life alone. He is never disrespectful and he is very honest. I'm glad that Stephen was the lawyer appointed to me and I went through it with him.

He should be the 1st one to call for any legal allegations and/or situations. Because of Stephen Johnson, I get another chance in my life to do things right, change the way I view things and live, fix all of my mistakes and do better, and get to where I personally want to be in life WITHOUT going to prison and messing up my life and having to do it later. Stephen is a great attorney and I will tell you HE IS WORTH THE TIME AND MONEY. I'm not gonna say that he will GUARANTEE get you out of it but depending on your situation and circumstances and how hard you fight along with him and stick it out, he will be honest with you and 9 times out of 10 you will get that win.

Thank you to Stephen and his private investigator for helping me have another chance in life. Call Stephen Johnson if you want yours too."


Acquitted on a serious charge

5-star review 5-star review 5-star review 5-star review 5-star review

"Hire him like your life depends on it. . . . He's simply the best."



Including First Degree Kidnapping, Second Degree Kidnapping, Second Degree Assault, Fourth Degree Assault,
and Felony Harassment"

5-star review 5-star review 5-star review 5-star review 5-star review